We all have a relationship to plants and the natural world. Whether we live deeply immersed in the earth’s cycles, aware of the elementals and spirit beings that dwell in the realms of the unseen, or we see nature as something separate from us, it is universal truth that plants are the foundation of all life.

It’s no coincidence that spending time in nature or connecting to the earth has a well being and balancing effect on our body. The earth operates at a certain frequency that is known to bring our energy back to its natural state: grounded and present. The effects of plants spread beyond space and time, and operate on a different vibrational frequency than our human society. When we tap into this frequency we feel levels of joy, gratitude and empowerment no external source can provide. This is our true being. This is earth medicine.

This studio space is curated to provide plant spirit medicine in many forms that allow all people interested in cultivating a deeper relationship to the natural world find what works best for them. All offerings are a co-creation between myself and the plants. They show me their medicine, and I act as a translator of what is going on energetically. While I provide a sense of what each plant is best used for based on my experience, it is encouraged that you explore what their medicine does for you, and in what way you find connection. No two plant and human interaction is the same and what works for you may not work for another. In this lies the infinite beauty of plant spirit and human connection. It is forever evolving.

All offerings are grown, harvested, distilled, crafted and loved under sacred intention, meaning the plants know they are giving their bodies for the purpose of healing and direct me as needed so no plants or earth beings are harmed in the process. This is my contribution to the ascension of the human collective. I hope you enjoy what you see, but more importantly, I hope you start to see the trees, plants, and herbs around you in a way that opens your heart and allows the magic of earth to flow in.

There is no wrong way to connect. Find yours.