It began in the wild mountains of Colorado where I felt a deep pull to explore the land, to sit with the trees, and just listen to the spaces between breaths. I felt calm and a deep resonance of home among these beings, something I hadn’t experienced in my daily human life before. I couldn’t fully understand what was happening, but knew it was something I had to follow.

As life unraveled, I was called to move further west to work on a farm, knowing my real work would be after hours with the plants. I stayed late and often spent the night out on the field because the veil was most thin in the evening time. It was during these years out on the farm that I developed clairvoyant and sentient communion with the plant kingdom and was initiated as a bridge between realms.

I dedicated myself to working with and understanding these beings. I bought a still and was shown how to grow, tend and harvest under sacred intention. I explored the craft, performed experiments, and was shown rituals to further translate the wisdom and light codes of these ancient beings for the world. In time the offerings expanded beyond alchemy and ritual to expressive art, showing the natural beauty of tree beings as they guided me to co-create using only earth-made materials.

It is my soul work to continue to explore and be a conduit for the plant realm, where earth magic lies and ethereal beings reside.

From one plant lover to another, I am deeply grateful for your support.