consideration & warnings

The products carry potent plant essence which can cause reactions to those with plant allergies or sensitivities. Please be mindful of usage if concerned in any way. All ingredients are shown in full to prevent this.

While I have experience and believe fully in plant medicine, I am by no means a medical physician or doctor and these products are not intended to treat, cure, or diagnose any dis-ease in the mind or body. These products are not to be used in place of conventional medicine or a visit to a medical professional.

The products and the content on this website are not FDA evaluated.   


All items are shipped out of Bellingham, Washington. Please allow up to 7 days for your item(s) to ship from date of purchase. If shipping is delayed for any reason, you will be notified.


Nature can be unpredictable and 100% plant products don't always act the way we want them to. I aim to be as transparent as possible with my products and processes but if you have ANY questions about the product, its ingredients, the process in which it's made or how to use it, please contact me BEFORE purchasing. 

If you are unsatisfied upon receiving your purchase please send me a personal message. I want to hear any feedback or concerns from you so I can continue to learn and better serve the community.

A refund, store credit or exchange will be offered to those unsatisfied with their products.